21 Savage Reminds the Twin Cities of the Power of Atlanta While at the Myth



21 Savage’s show at the Myth was full of energy, passion, and power. The rapper captured the audience and bestowed upon them some of these emotions. Seldom was there a dull moment at this stacked lineup concert.

Diving into the openers, we start with Calboy. Emerging out of neighboring city, Chicago. Calboy is relatively new to the scene. It was just this year he began making a name for himself. He showed no sign of inexperience on stage. His set was professional and tight. When he broke out crowd-pleasing song, “Envy Me” you could feel the excitement in the air. As someone who doesn’t get to attend a lot of rap concerts and doesn’t possess the knowledge I wish I did in regards to the scene, I can still confidently say that this man’s career will be one to watch closely.

21 Savage’s other opener was his very own cousin, Young Nudy. With so much singing along happening in the crowd, the set almost felt personal, which is a difficult feeling to obtain when playing at the large stage of the Myth. But Young Nudy somehow managed to pull it off. The Atlanta rapper certainly brought the heat with him to stage. His gangster rap style was loose and non-apologetic but at the same time composed and thought out.

With these two rappers having the audience warmed up and sweaty from all the jumping, 21 Savage was ready to make his appearance. Marching up and down the stage, Savage was just as his name states: Savage. He spit out verses without pause and wrote out his poetic lyrics in the air with his microphone.

There were a lot of highlights of the night but none more memorable than his performance of song, “A Lot.” Not only is it his most known track but arguably his most composed. The repetition of the phrase “a lot” is thrown out more times than one can count throughout the song giving emphasis to the sincerity of the rollercoaster of this man’s life. Having grown up poor in Atlanta, running with gangs, facing criminal charges and persecution, spending time in jail and so much more we probably can only guess about, Savage took the audience into his life with this song. The crowd was more than happy to go with willingly.

As I stated earlier, rap is not the most known genre for me. But I like to think I know a good show when I see one, and this was without a doubt good. Having spent most of my time at rock shows the crowd energy was foreign to me but still possessed the same excitement and devotion to the music as any other show might. The artists were excited and a blast to watch on stage. It was less than two years since 21 Savage was last in Minnesota and hopefully, only that amount of time will pass again before he returns.