ZZ Ward at First Avenue 9/25/2015


ZZ Ward’s fan base spans a wide range of age and interest groups. That much was evident Friday night at First Avenue, the first of her 2 days. Groups of soccer moms (ok alleged soccer moms), couples of all ages and a surprising percentage of guys who did not seem to be devastated to be there. Ward’s tour is promoting her current album “This means War”.

Starting her set with “Put the Gun down” ZZ Ward took the audience on what she described as a journey, that lead them through the singer’s different stages. It included some of her older songs that show her blues roots. Those roots are still evident in her current songs. She plays the harmonica on several of her songs. There was no need to backup singers as many of the audience sang along to most numbers. The stage setup was simple with light being well used to highlight the artists. For the slower songs the light dimmed allowing the LED candles set up around the stage to set the mood. Ward’s interaction with the audience was lively and genuine.

ZZ Ward-22

Overall ZZ Ward delivered a polished, well received set that allowed her voice to shine and support her stage presence. There are still a few tickets for Saturday’s show available HERE
Set List:
Put the Gun Down
Til the Casket Drops
If I Could Be Her
Cinnamon Stix
Got It Bad
Ride Or Die
(Nick Jonas cover)
Charlie Ain’t Home
Lil’ Darlin
Marry Well
Move Like U Stole It
Blue Eyes Blind
365 Days

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