Zella Day Twirled Her Way into Hearts at the Triple Rock Social Club – 6/22/2016


The Triple Rock Social Club got a healthy dose of musical magic this past Wednesday when Zella Day and The Dreamers came to play Minneapolis. Each band definitely brought their own sense of enticement, seducing the crowd with their coastal vibes. The mood was set for some dark celestial aural dances, and the crowd was very ready.

The Dreamers, a Brooklyn, NY based trio, opened the night with some classic garage rock band stylings. The band almost didn’t make it to their show because their van broke down 40 miles outside the Twin Cities. A local friend/fan from Twitter saved the day and picked them up, effectively allowing them to continue their tour. They played songs from their soon to be released album This Album Does Not Exist, including “Never too Late to Dance” and “Sweet Disaster”. Encouraging a sing-along, the band ended their set with their hit radio single “Drugs”.

Like a mystical goddess descending from the heavens, Zella Day stepped on stage with grace and ease. Though only 21 yrs old, she commanded the audience like a well weathered veteran of musical musings, playing all of the hits from her latest album Kicker. She twirled and danced on stage with her tambourine and guitar, all the while her band held the backbone of each song delicately and full of strength. It was apparent that Day enjoyed her art and her fans, as she interacted with everyone in the front row. Whether she was singing directly to them, crooning while caressing their heads, or even stealing their cell phones to shoot video, Zella Day made sure to make everyone’s night a magical one that they would never forget.

Reminiscent of a young Stevie Nicks, Day closed her set with a sultry smooth rendition of “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. It was a perfect ending to her hypnotic like hour long set that left most of the audience in a daze of wonder and excitement. Having gone into her concert completely blind, it was easy to walk out of this Wednesday musical séance a Zella Day believer.

Set List: High/ Tigre/ Sweet Ophelia/ Josey Wales/ 1965/ Man on the Moon/ Ace of Hearts/ Jameson/ East of Eden/ Kansas City Motel Room/ Shadow Preachers/ Hypnotic/ Rhiannon/ Encore: Compass/ Mustang Kids