Zakk Sabbath Shred-icates The Packed House At First Avenue


Zakk Sabbath is exactly what you think it is. It features Zakk Wylde on vocals and guitar along with drummer Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age 2002-2012 and has also played with Danzig and Eagles Of Death Metal) and Ozzy’s current bass player Rob “Blasko” Nicholson. They sounded great together.

With what seemed like over five minute guitar solos in every song the band put together a set of six classic Sabbath songs which made up an amazing fifty minutes of guitar shredding madness. Zakk ripped his way through “Children Of The Grave”, “Snowblind”, “Supernaut”, “War Pigs”, “Into The Void”, and “Fairies Wear Boots”. What a blast this is for not only the fans but for Zakk himself, but for fans of Black Sabbath as well.

One of the highlights for those standing down on the floor was during “War Pigs” when Zakk stepped off the stage while playing and walked around the floor at First Avenue for a bit while hammering out radical five-minute shred-fest with his beloved fans just inches away from him. The band nailed each Sabbath song covered with great, respectful precision.