Yung Gravy Serves it up Back to Back at the Varsity Theater.


Walking up to the Varsity Theater last night you might think Dave Chappelle was still in town looking at the line of people stretched around the block. A line so long it almost doubled back on itself, but this live was for a different kind of star, Minnesota’s very own Yung Gravy. Saturday was the second night in a pair of sold out shows at the Varsity Theater for the young rapper.

A healthy mix of today’s top tracks in hip hop, some early 2000’s pop punk, and the latest viral track Old Town Road were on display as DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip got the party started for the second night. A packed house echoed every word back and the first emcee hit the stage. BBNO$, pronounced Baby No Money, came out guns blazing with bass enough to shake the ribcage of every person in attendance. Bounding from one side of the stage to the other and rapping over his gritty beats of choice brought the energy to a new level. Engaging with both the crowd and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip from time to time and commenting on how funny it was to hear a room full of people echo back his nonsense cat calls, spirits were high. At one point BBNO$ spotted a fan wearing both pieces of merch he had for sale and asked the fan on stage. The fan, Zach, rapped a song with Baby and gave a stage show the good old college try. Closing out his set BBNO$ informed the crowd that Yung Gravy was listening to them backstage and would only come out if they were rowdy enough.

Yung Gravy hit the stage about 9:15 to a second sold out crowd. In between rapping a string of hits Gravy addressed his newly broken hand, his broken toe, and reminisced on the tour of which this was the very last date. Talking about the love that was show across the world but making it clear that there is never anything better than a hometown crowd. After a few more bassy bangers Gravy brought out the milk. And the cereal. A avid cereal consumer, Gravy handed out cups of milk to the front row and then was generous with his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. With a mention of the Freemasons and Ooops! All Berries, A decent discussion of cereal was had between Gravy, BBNO$ and the crowd and made for one of the more memorable introductions to a track I have ever seen. Resuming the show after talk of breakfast, I can only imagine milk was all over the floor as the moshing, bouncing, dancing and everything else went back up to eleven. A very memorable show on a memorable date, Gravy entertained with quality banter and quality bangers.