Young Dolph Excites The Varsity Theater In A Major Way.


The ice that covered the streets of Minneapolis Saturday night were no match for all the ice that covered Young Dolphs fingers, wrist and neck. Bringing his Role Model Tour to the Twin Cities Dolph was supported by fellow southern star, College Parks own, Kap G. And while neither may have been a fan of the snow that was piled outside the venue they were both ready to rock the stage for a crowd of youths who readily chanted and cheered for them.

Atlantas Kap G had the first set of the evening after his DJ had done the crucial job of getting the crowd to peak excitement. Playing to a crowd that seemed as loving of him as the headliner, he was immediately at the edge of the stage with his microphone toward the crowd inviting them to sing with him. Returning to center stage Kap G Made it a point to mention that this was “the last show before the last show” giving even more incentive for the crowd to go wild. As the audience danced and vibed to his tunes and his set came to an end he jumped of the stage and onto the barricade showering praise upon the crowd and the city itself, thanking them for his warm reception. 

The man of the hour, Young Dolph, hit the stage just before 10pm after a chant from the growing crowd beckoned him from the green room. He emerged from the back of the stage as the LCD backdrop slid apart at the middle, making for an entrance that was both surprising and very welcome. Playing a mixture of newer and older songs right from the get go, Dolph was testing the crowd and its safe to say they passed his test. Rapping back to him all of his own words with no hesitation to a point that if he was so inclined he may not have needed to say a single word. The diamonds that were draped around his neck and wrist danced with the stage lights as he moved from one side of the stage to the other. Shouting out to those on the balcony he made sure to keep ahold of everyones attention as his set sped by. It alway seems that the more you enjoy yourself, the faster time seems to pass. And the crowd at the Varsity Theater last night was doing nothing but enjoying themselves as the bass boomed and the hi-hats rattled along. Before I knew it Young Dolph had begun to thank the crowd for such a memorable show and made his exit through side stage. 


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