X Ambassadors Take On The Varsity Theater On 11/9/21!


The X Ambassadors and “The Beautiful Liar Tour” will be visiting us here in Minneapolis on November 9th at the Varsity Theater; Tickets are still available HERE and we can’t wait for this awesome show! X Ambassadors will be joined by Taylor Janzen and Scarypoolparty (spooky!) on this occasion, and each of these artists have their own reason for you to come through and jam with us. 

X Ambassadors has been creating absolute bangers since their founding back in 2009. Reigning from Ithaca, New York – Sam Harris (vocals), Casey Harris (keys), and Adam Levin (drums) as a rock-group have been a stand-out act with their classic hits such as “Renegades,” “Jungle,”  and “Unsteady.” We’ll surely hear these classics played, but the gang will most likely be focusing on their most recent hits from the ’21 album, The Beautiful Liar. If you haven’t played this album yet, check it out HERE

Joining the Ambassadors will also be Canadian indie-rocker Taylor Janzen, who we are hoping will wow us with their music in general but specifically their recent hits from this year – “Push It Down” and “Something Better.” Two solid acts, no doubt, but there’s more! The final piece to bring this trio of class acts together will be Scarypoolparty; With one of the coolest stage names we’ve seen in years, Alejandro Aranda was once featured on American Idol and has since then continued to create music, ranging from “experimental rock” to “alt R&B” – their most recent collection can be found on the 2020 album Doom Hologram and recent hits include the singles “Poison,” “Friends,” and “The Darkness” – (spooky! again)

Doors open at 6 that night, so get your pregame wrapped up on time because this place will be packed!