Wolfmother Unites Headbangers At First Avenue


On Sept. 16th The First Avenue Mainroom slowly filled with people. The amount of pictures of wolves whether they be on signs or shirts, was intense. It was clear that the hard rock band, Wolfmother, was in town. However, they did not come alone, with them they brought the local three piece rock band, Little Man.

When Little Man hit the stage they went straight into this melodic barn burner, taking the audience’s eyes off their phone and to the stage. With the front man picking some unbelievable riffs and the bass player rocking a rocket shaped bass, they were hard to look away from. From glam to punk to blues to rock, Little Man did it all. The band ended the set by covering the famed T-Rex song “20th Century Boy”. The song had the crowd screaming and singing before the band could even get a word out. To top it all off the band ended the show with multiple hits on a giant gong. They truly are a treasure to the local scene.

Finally, it was time. After waiting about 10 years I was about to be in the presence of Andrew Stockdale and his legendary band, Wolfmother. Just the day before Stockdale released a solo album so I had no idea what to expect this tour. When the lights when out the band opened with the first track off of his new album “Lazy”. The crowd started to jive, then when it was over the band switched the second and third song so it was time for a classic. They started their iconic song “Woman”. The crowd went nuts. However over the course of the show I realized that there was no moshing like I imagined, instead the entire crowd was head banging. It was a sight to behold.

Through out the set Wolfmother played all the songs you’d want to hear including: “Colossal”, “Dimension”, “White Unicorn”, “Victorious” “New Moon Rising” Apple Tree” and closing the main set with “Joker and the Thief”. Before playing “Dimension” the band found a set of keys on stage, as Stockdale held them up he said into the mic.

“This is quite humorous for me, but someone left their keys up here… Now, these keys are going. INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION.”

He then threw the keys and started the song, the crowd erupted. Wolfmother closed the encore with another classic “Pyramid”. You better believe the crowd sang his back ups and guitar part for this one.

When I left the show all I could think about is how incredibly lively that band was, from the intestacy and energy that came from that stage was more than colossal. Stockdale proved that night that Wolfmother still has a lot of miles left on them. His singing was spot on as well as his endless shredding. He truly is a staple in modern rock music and will continue to be as well.