White Lung at 7th Street Entry – 6/11/2015


White Lung’s 2014 album “Deep Fantasy” has been described as “2 minute blasts of anger” by one critic. While that may get you sent to a therapist’s couch if you live in a “Flowers and Puppies” world, for a punk band that is high praise. As part of their summer tour, the band played the 7th Street Entry Thursday night.

Band Lineup:
Mish Way – lead vocals
Kenneth William – guitar
Anne-Marie Vassiliou – drums
Lindsey Troy (touring) – bass

White Lung-18

Reading up on the band prior to their show one theme kept reoccurring: “White Lung is a GREAT live band” so I thought I was ready, silly me! From the first chords the band is balls out, full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. The Entry is a small, low venue and every cubic inch was filled with singer Mish Way’s stage presence. She feeds of her audience and compared the atmosphere at the Entry to Russia (in a good way). She thanked the crowd for getting into it and not standing all cool and condescending in a corner with their arms crossed.

I left the show smiling and feeling younger – not to shabby for a cool Thursday night.

Set List:
Face Down
Bad Way
Wrong Star
Snake Jaw
I believe you
Down it goes
Thick Lip
Two of you
Blow it South
Take the Mirror

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