Wet Brings New Music To The Varsity Theater


The memorial weekend came fast and brought temperature in the 90’s. Many people spent their holiday at the lake but not me. After a hot day working the restaurant patio, I was ready to enjoy a cold venue dream pop due, Wet.

Minneapolis’s Cheap Fantasy opened the night. As a solo artist, the singer stood before a massive projection screen that gave visuals to his music. From galactic space scenes to Mario Cart, the crowd couldn’t look away. Cheap Fantasy released his first five track EP, Life of Glass”, in July of last year and has since been playing all over the cities. Since Saturday night, I have had the crowd favorite “Life of Glass” on repeat. If you are looking for new local artists to check out, definitely put Cheap Fantasy on your list. If you missed out, don’t worry Cheap Fantasy had two more shows coming up this summer.

 After a quick change over, Los Angeles brother Andrew and Daniel Aged of Inc. No World took the stage. The duo has been mixing and producing music since 2013. But back then they went by Teen Inc. and later Inc. Saturday’s performance showcased the brother’s enthusiasm for their music.  Andrew strummed his guitar as he sung. Their downtempo with a twist of R&B sounds keep the crowd dancing and moving to the beat.

Headlining the night was Kelly Zutrau (vocals) and Joe Valle (production) who make up the Brooklyn duo Wet. If you have a taste for indie pop chances are you have heard of Wet or a least know one or two of their tracks. Now if you are a more dedicated fan, congratulations the wait is over! It’s been two long years since the release of Wet’s debut Album Don’t You. There was uncertainly of the bands fate after guitarist Marty Sullkow parted from the group, the long-awaited sophomore album Still Run is set to be released later this year in July.

Just like most of Wet’s tracks, There’s a Reason, the first single from their sophomore album, is emotional and full of energy. This track is a symbol of their new sounds and gives us a look at what to expect off their new album. Kelly spoke about the process that was taken to write Still Run and played several unreleased songs. Kelly writes about personal experiences which connects listeners to their music. Everyone in the Varsity Theater was dancing or singing along with to Wet the whole night.