We Finally Catch Up With Lissie For A Breathtaking Show At First Avenue


Somehow it took TCM over 4 years to finally catch up to Lissie. Not for lack of trying from either side, schedules somehow never matched. Lissie at the Cedar? I was in Europe. Lissie at the Icehouse? None of our photographers had the evening free, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Finally last night the stars aligned……….

Opening was Minneapolis’ Reina Del Cid Reina and her band are one of the gems of the Minneapolis music scene. The sound has evolved from folksy to pop rock in their last record “Rerun City”  with the occasional country influence showing. While the delivery may be lighthearted, the lyrics sure are not. Del Cid is not afraid to tackle death, addiction and heartbreak in her songs. 

Set List: 1970 / Million Girls / Sweet Annie / The Fall / Medium / ?? Cap / Hold Me Before I’m Gone / Whiskey Down / Xanadu / Woolf

Lissie has been a crowd favorite with Twin Cities radio station the Current since her first album, and become even more so since she moved to a farm in neighboring Iowa and went the independent artist route with her last two albums. As she put it “I simplified my life, and make music for me again”. When she released “Castles” earlier this year the fruits of her labor (and her garden) were well received by critics and fans alike.

“Meet Me In The Mystery” was a dramatic start to her set, showcasing her voice. Lissie performs with a full band, and that can get quite lively. Knowing her songs and seeing them perform live are quite different things. She has stage presence galore and her setlist taught me how many Lissie songs I actually know. it was one moment of “Oh, I know that one!” after another for me.

The Intro to “When I’m Alone” caught my attention with it’s bass line. Barefoot and in a flowing striped dress Lissie captivated eyes and ears with her music, a whirl of colors and blond hair. So the next time Lissie is in town, get your ticket. If you even remotely enjoy hearing her songs, she will blow  you away live. Was last night worth waiting 4 years? Sure you betcha! Will we wait another 4? Nope, we’ll do better than that :).

Setlist: Meet Me in the Mystery / Shroud / Hero / Shameless / Oh Mississippi / Castles / When I’m Alone / Sleepwalking / Love Blows / Blood & Muscle / Don’t You Give Up On Me / Best Days / Further Away (Romance Police) / Everywhere I Go / Little Lovin’

Encore:In Sleep / Let There Be Peace On Earth / POH