Walk the Moon at First Avenue 3/27/2015


And to the tunes of the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” with the crowd singing along Walk the Moon took to the stage, I did not see that one coming.
From the opening chords of “Different Colors” front man Nicholas Petricca had the audience under his spell. The people at a sold out First Avenue were clearly there to have a good time. Pretty much everyone sang along and seemed to know the words as well. The crowd was packed on the main floor tighter than usual. Friendly kids at the all ages show or simply a desired to be as close to the action as possible, very few attendees stayed in the wings.
The band delivered in spades, sound was good and lights were great with some interesting lit objects on stage. And the drum kit was lit up like the space ship from Encounters.
The group’s experience on the road showed in a polished yet genuine show. The band members had fun and it spilled over on their fans.

Set List (pending confirmation) – written on the back of a paper plate taped to the floor.
Different Colors
Down in the Dumps
Spend Your $$$
Shiver Shiver
Up 2 U
Work This Body
Lisa Baby
I Can Lift a Car
Shut Up and Dance
All These Things That I’ve Done (The Killers cover)
Anna Sun

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