Victor Shores Highlight a Great Evening of Local Music at the Terminal Bar


The weekend before Thanksgiving is always a little odd from an event standpoint. Some people travel to be with family. Others get together with friend for a per-party warm up leading up to the day of total feast. However, there is never a shortage of concerts and the variety of selection to catch something really cool on a Saturday night. With winter starting to raise its ugly head a bit early this year, I decided to bundle up and head a little north Minneapolis to catch Victor Shores at the Terminal Bar. After doing a sprint around the block looking for a parking spot, I final nailed one close to the venue and head to the show.

A nice sized crowd was already present when I arrived. The neat thing about the Terminal Bar is that the location of the music stage, which is in the back of the building, just past the bar area. I quickly made my way through the crowd of those filling up on a variety of liquid refreshments and got settled in the music area. 

Pretty Still kicked off the evenings line-up. The crowd holding up the bar, quickly moved into the music area and packed in close to the stage. Pretty Still’s sound is deeply rooted in an Emo / Alternative style. This trio got the room pumping and the crowd response was very favorable. The tempo was definitely a bit more upbeat than traditional Emo and clearly had lively edgy twist.

Next up, Heart To Gold (H2G) hit the stage and never looked back. This Emo / Punk trio clearly raised the energy of the Terminal Bar. Fast paced and to the point, there wasn’t a way not to really like these guys. There was a little bit of nostalgia with their sound, as I dropped back a bit to the early crazy days of Nirvana, however H2G sound is definitely unique with their own flare of high energy.

Pierre followed H2G and added to the level of energy. On top of the punk theme, they added a heavy dose of solid grunge … just what the evening needed. Dialog with the crowd was very entertaining as they paid tribute to elements such as water, metal, etc. Unexpected? … yes, but highly accepted with a great response from the crowd. These guys were solid to the core and drove through a great set.

After a quick stage change, Victor Shores hit the stage to finish off the night. There was definitely no dip in the crowd and the area tightly filled as the band started their set. This Minneapolis-based trio definitely took over and rocked it hard. Their driving Punk / Grunge sound was ear catching and melodically addictive. From start to finish, their set was well executed and musically solid. And from the crowd response, they pleased their fan base and won-over many new fans. With the guys working on new music, you can expect to see these guys easily growing in popularity at a rapid rate.

As I bundled up and headed out toward my car, the music from the evening wormed its way through my head, and definitely in a good way. All the bands did a great job and are all worth catching them live. Be sure to check them out online and look for them at a location near you.’

Victor Shores


Heart To Gold

Pretty Still