Vans Warped Tour Keeping The Tradition Alive 7/26/2015


Photos by David Rubene and Markus Akre

It would be incredibly easy to completely tear apart an event mostly attended by teenage girls that took place on a very hot humid day at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. It would be easy to badmouth a 20-year-old traveling festival whose very name evokes images of rainbow-haired Hot Topic goths carrying Death Becomes Us book bags and wearing far too much eyeliner. Yes, it would be easy to say the 2015 Vans Warped tour was a very hot, day-long testament to the poor musical taste of American youth, but any statement made like this would be a pure lie.

This year’s Vans Warped Tour was really an eclectic mix of popular contemporary genres being played in most cases by exciting up-and-comers who are visibly excited to have the opportunity to play in front of the Warped Tour crowd. That is definitely something worth being excited about because as an experienced festival goer, there may not be a better crowd in this country than a Warped Tour crowd.

With so many bands throughout the day, all playing their best, Twin Cities Media covered a broad range of artists. Enjoy the gallery of photos and be sure to give us a like on Facebook.

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