Vance Joy Brings Hits and Socks to First Avenue


Just how popular is Vance Joy? Well, there’s the sold out First Avenue show, being chosen by Taylor Swift as her opener, and a Platinum selling album, but to me it comes down to one word: Socks! Dude has his own socks! And 4 varieties of them too! So needless to say fans were excited about this show last night.

Starting the night was Chappell Roan. The 19 year old from the tiny town of Willard, MO clearly impressed the audience with her first song judging by the loud cheers and a shout of “you’re amazing” Her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” was very well done and suited her voice. This young artist is someone to watch out for.

Set List: Die Young / Bad For You / Dreams / Lavish / Good Hurt / Meantime

Amy Shark increase the tempo and energy level a few notches. As she put it “I’m supposed to warm you up, so I am going to make you dance” and “Blood Brothers” certainly did that. Her voice reminded me of Alanis Morissette at times , and her music was well received by the crowd. Vance Joy certainly chose well adding his fellow Australian to his tour.

Set List: Drive You Mad / Spits On Girls / Blood Brothers / Deleted / Boys / Weekends / Adore

Fans at First Avenue were quite ready for Vance Joy. Loud Cheers as the curtain went up 20 minutes before his set time almost cause me to grab my gear and run to the stage – but false alarm. While waiting, fans sang along to the music especially to “Mr. Brightside” and Tom Petty’s “I won’t back down”.

The noise level when Vance Joy came on stage after a short intro was quite impressive, but calmed down as soon as the started to sing. When i saw Joy last, he was at the Northrop and the change in energy level between a seated theater and First Avenue was very noticeable. He recalled the last time he played First Ave (opening for Young the Giant). It’s a statement to First Avenue’s status that artists remember clearly when the last time they played this venue was.

One song I had not heard before was “Red Eye” which is about a boy taking a flight across Australia to meet his girl.

He also introduced music from the new album he is working on to great reaction from the audience and performed “Call If You Need Me” solo. Overall an enjoyable show with a great, well seasoned performer.

Set List: Intro / Fire And The Flood / From Afar / Wasted Time / Red Eye / Take Your Time / Call If You Need Me / Snaggletooth / Georgio / Like Gold / Cover / Lay It On Me  Encore: Riptide / Mess Is Mine