Ty Segall & The Muggers at First Avenue – 3/9/2016


Hundreds of music fans showed up at First Avenue yesterday ready to be mugged, by one of the best in the business. Ty Segall & The Muggers held court that evening promoting their January release “Emotional Mugger”
First Up was Royal Brat, a fairly new local band composed of Alex Uhrich, Clara Salyer, Shannon Boyer, and Guy Mueller. They certainly lived up to the vibe of the show with fast music, stakatto rhythm and frantic vocals. Uhrich was dressed in a white plastic wrap that he discarded after a few songs to play the rest of the set in tidy withies and styling shades, taking a moment to say hi to his parents who were in the audience. Royal Brat has some local gigs coming up, and is certainly worth checking out.
Set List: Swim \ Shade \ Salt \ Snow Ball \ 13 \ Eyesore \ The Pro \ Taxi \ Broken Step \ Gut

Next came LA four-piece Feels. Self-described as a “psych punk grunge post future rock + roll whatever band”, they know how to rock hard. Made up of Laena Geronimo, Shannon Lay, Michael Rudes, and Amy Allen, Feels took the stage and pulled in the crowd quickly. The 3 front women command the stage and there was enough hair flipping to make a metal band jealous. Their set went from fast paced to psychedelic and back to hard. Overall a great band to get the crowd in the mood.

Ty Segall did not start things slow and easy one bit. Wearing a baby mask and swinging a (hopefully) fake umbilical cord he launched into “Squealer” and the crowd in a frenzy. The photo pit had been narrowed and First Ave had plenty of extra security on hand. Ty’s shows get quite rowdy and this one was no exception. Not the anger fueled rowdy one sees at some metal show, more of a boisterous, having a great time rowdy. Fans surged forward and Segall continuously reached out to touch hands, let fans have the mike and also got the photographers a chance to voice out. Yours truly got a chance as well, but was to focused on getting a great shot to provide anything that made sense.
After a rant about the proper cooking of eggs, Segall headed out to crowd surf for a bit. That man is a bundle of energy and he constantly is on the move engaging fans, bouncing, pointing and keeping the crowd guessing. His show can get a bit creepy (donning the baby mask and squealing for his Mommy for instance) but that’s what fans came to see. Musically he and the Muggers were tight. One of the few fights I have seen at First Ave broke out after he pointed at someone in the audience but was brought quickly under control. If you have a chance to see Ty Segall live, do it! Never mind that it’s great music, the energy he brings out in a crowd is unbelievable.

Set List: Squealer \ California Hills \ Emotional Mugger/Leopard Priestess \ Breakfast Eggs \ Diversion \ Baby Big Man (I Want a Mommy) \ Mandy Cream \ Candy Sam \ Squealer Two \ The Magazine \ Thank God for Sinners \ They Told Me Too \ You’re the Doctor \ Spiders \ Manipulator \ Feel  Encore: Finger \ The Feels

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