Twin Cities Rock Legend Bob Mould Playing the Palace Theater 3/30


Twin Cities rock legend Bob Mould will be playing the Palace Theater March 30th — a show tried and true punk rock fans should NOT want to miss. Mould is best known as the frontman and guitarist for the highly influential noise punk supergroup Hüsker Dü and the leader of 1990’s alternative rock band Sugar. Mould’s show at the Palace falls the day before his sold out Turf Club show, so if you were not lucky enough to score tickets for that show, there are still some tickets available HERE for the Palace gig.

Mould recently released a new album last February entitled Sunshine Rock, which features loud, full, and uplifting tunes such as “What Do You Want Me to Do”, “Sunshine Rock” and “Camp Sunshine.” Sunshine Rock proves that even nearing 60 years old, Mould is showing no signs of slowing down of getting jaded.

Mould’s show at the Palace falls on the same day Hüsker Dü played their first show 40 years ago in St. Paul. Mould will likely be showcasing some of the new tunes, as well as old fan favorites and a steady mix of Hüsker Dü songs fit for the occasion. And just in case you needed to throw in any additional excitement for this show, opening for Mould will be fellow Minneapolis punk rockers Porcupine. Porcupine features former Hüsker Dü bassist Greg Norton.

Could it be a coincidence that Norton and Mould will be sharing the bill the same day Hüsker Dü played their first show 40 years ago? Maybe. But probably not. For any past, current, or future Hüsker Dü fans, this is a show you cannot afford to miss.