Twenty-One Pilots Jump Into Suit At Target Center


In 2012, I stood in the late Triple Rock Social Club as a 17 year old with my friends waiting to see what we believed was the next big band. We were right. Just last night I sat at in the Target Center with a packed house to see the one and only Twenty-One Pilots. The show some would say made my experience as a fan of the band come full circle. Their story is the ultimate dream. Maybe that’s why their slogan is “Power to the local dreamer”. As we watched them living their dream, it was clear by the deafening screams there were a lot of people there living their dream as well.

Upon arriving at my seat I was greeted with the upbeat music of, MisterWives. The band hailing from New York definitely brought the sound of New York pop and Rock and it energized the crowd. I haven’t seen a crowd so pumped for an opening band since Twenty-One Pilots opened up for Grouplove at First Avenue. Lead singer, Mandy Lee, belted for the entirety of their 30 minutes set, wowing the crowd as the band ripped through seven songs. MisterWives even made MN blush as they whipped out their cover of “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. Does MN have a new pop icon? The band closed the night with their hit “Our Own House”. They jammed it at the end and even all laid down on the ground before all jumping up and throwing down one last time.

Twenty minutes later a massive curtain was raised and covered the view of the stage on all side. Ten minutes later you heard the sound of a horse running, then it stops and the curtain falls. Still in the dark room, a flaming car rose from the back of the stage and standing on top was Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph. Dunn holding a torch jumped off and Joseph got his bass, then you hear the call of the song “Jumpsuit” and Joseph starts playing. Right at the drop the car explodes into to bigger flames. Needless, to say they had our attention. 

Three songs in TOP busted out one of my personal favorites that they have put on the backseat for a while, “heavydirtysoul”. The fast rap didn’t stop the crowd with rapping with them. Even the people around me could keep up with him. The band played about six more songs on the main stage including a half acoustic version of their hit “Heathens”. During this song the lights shot down around the two of them and made it seem like they were behind bars. Then during the next song “Nico and the Niners”, Joseph made his way through the crowd to what they call in the show business “Stage B”. 

I like to think of Stage B as a throwback stage. The band always likes to bring songs back on that stage. Last time it was “Taxi Cab”, this time it was “Migraine”. Flashing back to the Triple Rock when I first saw them I remember sitting there and the people next to us ask me “What song do you want to hear them play?” I said “Migraine”. For me it is their claim to fame song. The crowd also seemed shocked by it and hyper about it. When the TOP hit the main stage again they bounced right out with their first real hit “Holding on to You”. The crowd shrieked as Dunn appeared without a shirt and Joseph rapped “I’m taking over my body, back in control, no more shotty”. Dunn even showed off more by doing his iconic back flip off the piano.

TOP closed their set with another early hit “Car Radio”. The stage didn’t hold back, it has fog explosions and real explosions. And of course the band was out there in their iconic ski mask look. Near the end of the song Joseph ran to Stage B and climbed up a massive pillar and ripped off his mask and screamed “And now I just sit in silence!”. Then the room went dark and the main set ended with Joseph on one stage and Dunn on the other. 

After about a minute the screen lit up and a showed the words to their song “Truce”. It was the largest group karaoke I have ever witnessed. TOP then came back out and Joseph said  “plug your ears if you are DVRing it, but the Vikings won 19-9″, the crowd cheered. They then went into”Chlorine” before ending the show with their staple closer “Trees”. The crowd knew this was it and threw down hard. The general admission floor seemed like sea of people that moved with as much chaos and as they did coordination. The entire song with filled with theatrics. Even more explosions than “Car Radio” there was even confetti near the end that covered the human sea. The band ended the set by putting two platforms with drums on them into the crowd. The fans held it and TOP claimed aboard and hit those drums hard, creating even more energy than they had all night. Once again the band proved with their on top.