Turf Club- 8/12- Deserpate Acts/ Supportive Parts/ Arms Aloft– BE THERE!


Seriously, make sure to swing by The Turf Club on Thursday, August 12th for an amazing show featuring Desperate Acts, Supportive Parents, and Arms Aloft!

Desperate Acts will be headlining this amazing show. I honestly know very little about this Minneapolis punk band and can’t find much online but I am so stoked to see what they are all about.

Supportive Parents is one of those bands that had me hook line and sinker the first time I saw them so I’m excited to catch them again (for the umpteenth time). Supportive Parents is a punk band formed by people in 2014. Those people played in other bands before Supportive Parents too though. Their music has been described as “Billy Joel screaming ’til he feels he’s going to barf.” By them. Supportive Parents wants your money. And they want it now.

Getting things started is a personal favorite of mine, Arms Aloft. Much like Supportive Parents, seeing Arms Aloft never gets old and I’m stoked to see them again for the first time in over a year. Arms Aloft are four young men from Wisconsin who hold down often-times dreary jobs. Their favorite haunt is a modified factory floor in the industrial sector of their hometown, where they practice, record songs, and make plans. They’ve put out a couple of records and toured at home and in Europe. 

Tickets are still available HERE!