Troye Sivan with Lany at First Avenue – 2/19/2016


Pretty much all I knew about Troye Sivan before Friday night was that he was a YouTube star and that he had sold out First Avenue. I had watched a few vids, heard a couple of his songs but that was about it. So I walked into First Ave before 7 PM, saw the place packed, and figured it would be a interesting evening. I was not disappointed.

Opening the night was alt-pop trio Lany. The band made up of Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss describe their sound as “dream pop meets R&B”. Their stage show is upbeat and high in personality. Klein moves all over the stage, gets as close to the fans as the pit will allow and if that’s not close enough he’ll wander out into the pit. Many in the crowd seemed familiar with Lany judging by the sing alongs. Their debut EP “Make Out” was released last December.

To call Troye’s fans committed would be an understatement. They lined up outside First Ave hours before the show to get a good spot. Troye commented, that he drove by and saw them “waiting in the cold” and was not sure if he felt proud or horrified (in his defense he’s from South Africa and Australia, it was in the 40s yesterday – that’s shorts and t-shirt weather for Minnesota). The front of the venue was packed well before Lany got on stage and a brief sighting of Troye got some major screams and freak outs from the few fans that got a glimpse.
Troye took to the stage in heavy smoke and started his show with “Bite”. By the 4th song his jacket had come off but this was not about fancy moves on stage. He is a solid singer and proved it to the audience who, ate up every word. The lights were well done augmenting First Avenue’s already impressive house lights with some very interesting effects. Fans sang along most of the time. The line to the merch booth was the longest I have seen at First Ave. Overall a great evening for Troye Sivan’s fans and the parents in the audience had a pretty good time as well.

Set List: Bite \ for him. \ Fools \ Heaven (with Betty Who)\ Suburbia \ Cool \ Too Good \ Wild \ Here (Alessia Cara cover) \ Happy Little Pill (Acoustic) \ Ease \ DKLA \ Talk Me Down Encore: Lost Boy \ Youth

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