Tribulation brought “The Horror” to the 7th Street Entry


Tribulation brought their Swedish death metal sound to 7th Street Entry on Friday night. Tribulation was formed in Arvika, Sweden in 2009. Tribulation’s heavy gothic rock & psychedelic rock is just mind blowing. They have released three albums to date with “The Horror” in 2009, “The Formulas of Death” in 2013, and “Children of the Night” in 2015. 

Horrendous, a death metal band from Philadelphia, PA formed in 2009 opened the evening.  They have released three full length albums with their latest “Anareta” in 2015. Their 30 minute set went over very well with their fans with tons of head banging and fist pounding for the six song they played.

Next up was Youth Code in direct support for Tribulation. Formed in 2012 by Sara Taylor and Ryan George in Los Angeles, the band has released three full length albums to date with the latest “Commitment To Complication” which released in early 2016. Youth Code is a electronic / industrial duo with Ryan George mastering the keyboards, synthesizer and sampling while Sara Taylor puts forth the gut-wrenching vocals blowing people away. Youth Code played a very high energy forty-minute set raising excitement and adrenaline in the tiny venue.

Tribulation opened the show with the ”Night.” The death metal vocals by Johannes Andersson stirred the mosh pit into a frenzy. Anderson killed vocals & bass. Adam Zaars & Jonathan Hultén were outstanding on guitar. Every drum hit by Jakob Ljungberg reverberated throughout the venue. Tribulation played a solid ten song set list, consisting of the hits “Winds,” “Seduced by the Smell of Rotten Flesh” and “In the Dreams of the Dead”. Tribulation ended their set with “When The Sky is Black With Devils.” They played a high-energy kickass show. Tribulation certainly brought “The Horror” to the 7th Street Entry on this night.