Track By Track: Symphonic Metal Band AfterTime Talks About The ‘World We Lost’


When you hear about the music genre Symphonic Metal, you immediately think of European bands. It seems that the Nordic countries in Europe have a stronghold on the genre, and do so with extreme pride. However, from the frozen tundra of Minnesota comes the dawning of what could possibly be a perfect United States delegate for the genre. Formed in 2011, AfterTime is taking on the Symphonic Metal scene with hailing results.

TCM’s Jessica Boldt sat down with the premiere symphonic metal band to talk about their latest EP ‘World We Lost‘ during the latest session of Track By Track which was recorded on August 27, 2017 at TCM Studio.

Don’t miss your chance to catch AfterTime live this Saturday night, September 2nd at the Amsterdam in St Paul. Some tickets are still available, so don’t delay.

The EP ‘World We Lost’ is available now through the band’s website and through iTunes and Amazon.

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