Tove Lo with Erik Hassle at First Avenue – 10/10/2015


Swedish singer Tove Lo is not your average Scandinavian pop star. Breaking onto the scene in 2014 with her debut album “Queen of the Clouds” her single “Habits (Stay High)” got massive radio play and barely missed the top ten on the US billboard charts.
She is not a glitz and glam pop star, and her shows are actually quite simple relying on her voice and stage presence rather than costumes and gimmicks.

Fellow Swede Erik Hassle opened the show. The neo soul singer is based out of LA and has a unique sound. The start of his set was marred by the bass from the DJ supporting him overpowering his voice but as the progressed they found the right mix. He faced a tough task, given the all ages crowd but won the audience over gradually.

Tove Lo took the stage clad in a simple jump suit (and as always bare feet). It was quite evident that the audience knew all the lyrics as many fans sung along from the first bars. Tove Lo knows how to captivate her audience and rules the stage with her expressive hands, constant movement and the occasional hair flip. Not easily flustered the responded to a bra thrown on stage by flashing the audience for a second. She also mentioned that this was her first time in Minneapolis and mentioned the Gay90s and Pizza Luce.
She saved her biggest hit for last and when the opening bars to Habits rang through First Avenue the crowd cheered in relief. Overall an impressive first appearance and we hope to see more from Tove Lo in the future.

Set List:
Not On Drugs
Got Love
The Way That I Am
My Gun
Like Em Young
Scream My Name
Thousand Miles
This Time Around
Out of Mind
Talking Body
Run On Love
Habits (Stay High)

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