Tis The Season! The New Standards Return To State Theater For 3 Shows December 7 & 8


What happens when you hand a blank canvas to the likes of Chan Polling (The Suburbs), John Munson (Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic) and vibraphonist extraordinaire Steve Roehm  around the Christmas Season?  For over a decade they’ve delivered the Twin Cities favorite Holiday concert.

Three shows over the weekend will be packed.  Tickets and details can be found HERE.

It’s often said that the Twin Cities music scene is unique because of the spirit of collaboration.  Musicians move from one band to another.  Remix into short run “supergroups”.  Maybe it’s a Midwestern thing or maybe it’s just that Minnesota Nice coming through but musicians in this town love working together.  Unlike as is the case in many other cities, they don’t view one another as competitors.  Kudos to all the live music fans who come out to support them!

And kudos to Polling, Munson and Roehm for continuing the tradition and striving to always make a great show better.  They do it by sharing the stage and just adding to a tried and true formula.

Start by building a big band.  Invite horn players.  Bring in back up vocalists, percussionists or strings.  Pick a wonderful set list of traditional and original music.  Then spring big surprises all night long on the audience as a parade of special guests grace the stage to deliver a song.  The band is the great big Christmas tree.  All those surprise guests are the presents under tree.

Who is on tap for 2018?  I have no idea.  And like the best presents that information is tightly wrapped.  But in years past local luminaries like Craig Finn, Dessa, HALEY, Jearlyn Steele, Jeremy Messersmith and Chris Koza have graced the stage.  It’s equal parts nostalgia, humor, joy and superb musicianship.

This one is appropriate for children of all ages and is highly recommended.  A 2pm matinee is scheduled to make everything available to families or for those with holiday parties on the docket.