The X Games Continue With A Full Day Of Competition And Music


Saturday offered a full day of activities and competitions as the X Games were in full swing at US Bank Stadium. Australia continued its quest to conquer it all with Logan Martin winning the gold at BMX Park

 But that quest came to a crashing halt thanks to the French! David Rinaldo snatched the gold and the title of X Games champion for Moto X Best Trick away from 4 Aussies.

Not to be outdone, US athletes responded with a gold in The Real Cost Skateboard Big Air. While Elliot Sloan took home the gold Mitchie Brusco wrote history by becoming the first skater ever to land a 1260 in competition. 

The X Games continued their drive to include new sports and push the efforts of athletes that go unnoticed by many into the public’s eye. Skateboard Park Adaptive became a medaled event for the first time. Brazilian skater Vinicios Sardi topped the podium in his first visit to X Games, and as he told the crowd in an emotional interview, first time to North America. 

Over at Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street Yuto Horigome won his first gold medal with a run that took lead from Nyjah Huston with a run that included a nollie 180 50-50 grind 180 out, nollie backside noseblunt downrail, bluntslide, 360 kickflip, nollie 270 backside noseslide, and a nollie 270 switch back lipslide.

Over on the gaming stage, a winner was crowned at the EXP Invitational – Apex Legends with TSM. Players ImperialHal, Albralelie and Reps took home a gold medal in the first major offline tournament held for Apex Legends. 

Garrett Reynolds won his 11th gold and 14th total X Games medal at BMX Street. 

In BMX Dirt Logan Martin broke the competition’s streak of having a different winner every year by becoming the first back to back gold winner.

To close out competition, Tyler Bereman took the gold from favorite Aussie Jarryd McNeil in Moto X Best Whip.

The night closed out at the Armory with a (way early for EDM standards) 1030 set by Diplo continuing the X Games tradition of bringing world class music acts to the competition.

Minneapolis, MN – August 3, 2019: Diplo performing at X Games Minneapolis 2019
(Photo by Ashley Osborn / ESPN Images)