The Wombats at the Varsity Theater 5/6/15



Promoting their just release album “Glitterbug” Liverpool band, The Wombats hit the Varsity on the wings of their current hit single “Greek Tragedy”. The 3 piece band consisting of Matthew Murphy (guitar), Dan Haggis (drums), and Tord Øverland Knudsen (bass) took the stage to the cheers of their fans and the tunes of “Your body is a Weapon”. The audience was in for a fast moving show with Knudsen moving around the stage rapidly enough to cause whiplash for some of the photographers.

Energy was high throughout the set, with the band and its fans playing of one another. There was a good bit a banter as well including calls for a sacrificial animal, which fortunately was not on hand. Much of the Wombat’s playlist was new material with some songs from their previous albums also on hand. A great show by 3 veteran performers.

Set List:
Your Body Is a Weapon
Jump Into the Fog
Moving To New York
Greek Tragedy
Party in a Forest (Where’s Laura?)
Be Your Shadow
This Is Not a Party
Techno Fan
The English Summer
Little Miss Pipedream
Kill the Director
Give Me a Try
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Let’s Dance To Joy Division

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