The Twilight Hours CD Release at the Turf Club 7/15/2016


Friday’s show at the Turf featured the long awaited CD release of “Black Beauty” the second album by Twin Cities’ band The Twilight Hours.
Starting the night was BBGUN a Minneapolis band composed of Al Church, Neal Perbix, Jeremy Hanson and Phil Hicks. Started by Church and Perbix over coffee, the band has an indie pop sound with the occasional rock piece glimpsing through. And that’s indie pop in a good way, mind you. Starting with the words “Hi, we’re from here” their 45-minute set was upbeat and lively. At first the crowd stayed a few feet from the stage but by the end of their set fans had cozied up to the stage.

The Twilight Hours are the brain child of Matt Wilson and John Munson rounded out by Steve Roehm, Dave Salmela, Jacques Wait, and a couple of backup singers. After 2009’s “Stero Night” the band took their good time to work on “Black Beauty” but as they put it ironically “Sometimes you miss things” – not that I noticed though. They packed the small stage at the Turf Club and their fans the rest of the sold out venue. The audience (including myself) had probably seen them in their Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic days and were clearly ready for a show. The Twilight Hours sounded tight, and the light mood on stage reflected their sense of accomplishment in getting the album released. Munson started a bit in the background but moved up front to help with vocals as the night progressed (according to Wilson, he likes high ceilings). I enjoyed their new songs and the inclusion of “No Painkiller” from Wilson’s re-issued “Burnt, White & Blue,”. If you missed them last night, you have a chance to catch them at the Entry tonight.
Set List: Flow / Maybe / Trouble Maker / Call Me / Sioux City Swinger / Soundwaves / Help Me Find the Way / Winter Blue / Dreams / Lost in a Rain Cloud / Touch my Mind / Forgot / Rain / Anymore / No Painkiller / Lulu Encore: Telephone / Travel Plans