The Turf Club Was Bumping Saturday Night with Heiruspecs


A long standing tradition with Heiruspecs, a 6-piece hip-hop band from Saint Paul, Minnesota, lives on with their annual Holiday Classic. I walked into the Turf Club Saturday night ready to hear some local music for the soul. And that is just what I got. Dj Adrian was spinning some reminiscent early 2000’s hip-hop tracks the entire night, which, set the tone for the show right away. It seemed as though everyone was at The Turf Club just to let loose and have a good time.

Lady Midnight took the stage the crowd drew in towards the stage. Her deep range in vocals commanded the room and turned heads. I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone told me she was inspired by Sade. As a matter of fact, she even covered one of Sade’s songs. Lady Midnight’s vocals paired with the chill synth inspired beats made for a soulful experience. You could feel the emotions in here lyrics as she performed. Not mention that she had a killer DJ baking her, DJ Keezy. 

The transition between Lady Midnight and Heiruspecs was pretty speedy. There was enough time for everyone to stop at the bar to grab another drink before Heiruspecs took the stage. I was pretty surprised and excited to see the mayor of Saint Paul, Melvin Carter. He jumped on stage to introduce the guys from Heiruspecs. Carter highlighted the bands service to the community through donations to music programs and other contributions. He also highlighted his love for the band. Once the music started I don’t think the crowd stopped dancing. 

The band formed and met at Central High School in Saint Paul. There wasn’t a shortage of Central alumni that came through Saturday night. Everyone was happy and having a good time. Heiruspecs’ light demeanor, lyrical prowess and musical precision rang through the Turf Club. It was obvious that the entire band was having fun on stage. The combination of jazzy intricate keys, guitar, bass and drums paired with deep lyrics and beat boxing made for dynamic experience. In other words, it was a real good time.