The Ting Tings @ Fine Line Music Cafe 4/3/2015


Article by: Colton Davis Photos by: Markus Akre

This is the second time the British pop/punk duo has come to Minneapolis and they weren’t taking any prisoners.

The Ting Tings started out their set in familiar territory, but were making moves into something new. They are no strangers to new directions as their latest album “Super Critical” (2014) has a heavy disco and funk influence. The duo was front and center on the stage with Spanish DJ (Carles) Boix looming behind. They played their hits like “Shut Up and Let Me Go”, “Hang It Up”, “Great DJ” and threw in a few of their disco grooves like “Do It Again”. Early on Boix was an accent, but midway through the set he was let loose on “Only Love” from “Super Critical”.  The remainder of the show was filled with samples and loops adding even more depth to the Ting Tings catalogue.

Ting Tings-16

Overall the Ting Tings were in constant motion. Each song sent us in the direction of the next until we found ourselves fully submerged in a techno dance party that had been marinated in pop. It had the flavor of the first half of the set, but the DJ was now at the wheel. Early on the bass in the fairly small venue was too strong. It muddled the vocals and muted their punky attitude. It didn’t match the tone and had the effect of ketchup on a steak, but as the theme became more apparent the bass began to fit. The group began to hit their stride toward the end of the show. The final song of the night was  “Super Critical” and it was a reminder that the Ting Tings were still on the stage. The show was very conscious in the way that the Ting Tings recognized the audience’s expectations and used them to keep us guessing. They had a fully formed set that deliberately showed us the new direction of the Ting Tings. With an ever-changing music industry they showed us that they were not going to rest on their laurels, but use them as a stepping stool to the future of the Ting Tings.

Ting Tings-26

The tour is heading to Chicago on April 6th to play Thalia Hall. They are currently about midway through a run that started in California on March 23rd and ends a month later in Dallas. For more information check out their website here

Set List:
Do it again
Shut up and let me go
Hang it up
Great DJ
Give it back
Fruit machine
Only love
That’s not my name
Wrong Club
Green Poison
Super Critical

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