The Sunny Era to release new album at 7th St. Entry


Twin Cities’ own indie rockers The Sunny Era are back with their 5th studio album, entitled Save Yourself From You. Its indie pop male and female vocals with beautiful violin, keyboards, and synthesizers. It’s breezy, it’s happy, it’s easy listening. It’s everything you need to warm up on these cold December nights. 

Evolving their sound from world-music infused trio to indie rock quintet, The Sunny Era brings you their fifth release, Save Yourself From You. The group embraces a more traditional indie-rock sound, with more lead guitar, keyboards, and synthesizers, on this new release. Lyrics and musical style range from reflective and haunting to joyful and celebratory, taking the listener through a journey that reflects on the ups and downs of life. Hailing from the Twin Cities, MN, The Sunny Era is Eric Stainbrook on guitar and lead vocals; Laila Stainbrook on keys, violin, and background vocals; Rob Föehl on drums; Patrick Zampogna on lead guitar; and Tony Zampogna on bass guitar. As a trio, Eric, Laila, and Rob have made music together for more than a decade, and have expanded to include brothers Patrick and Tony for this release. The five-piece wrote, recorded, and produced their latest album, Save Yourself From You, with mastering by Jeff Lipton of Peerless Mastering.

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Be sure to catch The Sunny Era at their album release show – Thursday, December 15th in the 7th Street Entry. They’re supported by fellow Minneapolis acts Tabah and The Sudden Lovelys.

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Colgan