The Struts Rock The Palace Theatre To Its Foundation Saturday Night


Photos by Vito Ingerto

The Struts officially proclaimed the Strange Days Are Over at the Palace Theatre with an incendiary performance on Saturday night. The band is out touring in support of their latest release Strange Days. 

Opening the show on Saturday night were Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves. Riff heavy with infectious grooves, this band rocked hard from the first note. Their harmonies were wonderfully atmospheric. Positive and upbeat, the set featured a killer cover of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My” or is it “My My, Hey Hey”? Either way, the tune rocked.

Could there be a more rock and roll way to start a show than power chords and cowbell? Thats exactly what happened when The Struts took the stage and kicked into “Primadonna Like Me” Yes Luke, we most certainly wanna be a prima donna like you. From the opening chords, the  stage was owned by Spiller, strutting, gyrating and resplendent in black and pink leather pants, a rock god supernova. He generated enough energy from the stage throughout the show to power an Eastern Block country. Spiller’s vocals seemed supernatural as they reverberated though the Palace. 

The aural assault, light show and matching suits brought an arena like rock show atmosphere to the evening’s performance. One of the many highlights of a show full of highlights was when Spiller and guitarist Adam Slack broke out a power ballad “Mary Go Round”. The lights were dimmed and since no body carries a bic lighter anymore, ambiance was created by cell phone light. The band also took a brief bluesy departure with ‘Am I Talking To The Champagne (Or Talking To You)”. 

There was nothing strange about The Struts set Saturday night performance, just pure rock and roll gratification.