The Shackletons Jam In The Van


Local rock band The Shackletons has been making waves of late.  Following their inclusion in the 2019 SXSW Official Showcase, they were invited to tape a session with JamintheVan while down in Texas.

JamintheVan is a tricked out tour bus which boasts a state of the art recording studio.  Everything is solar powered.  JitV spends the year traveling to America’s biggest music festivals.  While there, they do their part to expose break out bands and artists to a wider audience.

The Shackletons taped three tracks.  Happy Boring Life dropped as a video earlier in the month.  That production earned director Sam Luloff a Midwest Emmy for Best Music Video by a college student.  The song will be featured as The Current’s  Song Of The Day on Wednesday, April 26. 

2017 break out tune 4AM and Genevieve, which is currently saturating the airwaves, completed the set.