The Pines with Phil Cook at First Avenue – 3/18/2016


Friday Night featured to great Americana bands at First Avenue. The Pines released “Above the Prairie” and Phil Cook’s tour promoting his album “Southland Mission” moved their show from the Turf Club to First Avenue’s Mainroom to play with his buddies.

After many years in bands and collaboration with others, Phil Cook released his solo debut album. TCM spoke to him a few days ago, check out his interview HERE. Opening by himself with a traditional gospel song, Cook had the audience engaged quickly and had them singing the chorus. He never released them from his grasp through the entire show. His band, the Guitarheels joined him on stage after the first song. Throughout his set Cook had a close connection to his fans and the line to talk to him at the merch booth was impressive and lasted well into the Pines set. Through his set Phil Cook brought on a several featured musicians and close with a very old school rock’n roll number complete with saxophone.

The Pines hail from Iowa but now call Minneapolis home. Their music reflects their home and is unassuming, genuine and comes straight from the heart. Their fourth album “Above the Prairie” came together very quickly and most of the songs were recorded in just a few takes. Trading the vocalist role frontmen David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey give their songs a distinctive feel. Overall the Pines delivered a very calm, relaxed set the went over very well with the audience.