The Missing Letters Step Into An Impressive Limelight At The Xcel Energy Center


Photos by Matthew Weber

There are oftentimes one finds themselves deeply impressed. For me, it comes during those moments when I see or hear of a local band making it into the limelight. I believe bands all start out with a huge dream of making it big like the bands or artist they most admire. Some of those bands make it and some do not, but the drive for the top seems to always be there. On Saturday night, The Missing Letters stepped into the limelight in front of a densely packed Xcel Energy Center. The band earned a truly iconic moment to warm the stage for Bon Jovi.

As The Missing Letters prepared backstage for the evening’s performance, excitement throughout the band remained steady. Any sense of ‘performance butterflies’ were completely absent when the band hit the stage. With a flick of the light and an increase in the area’s volume, Shannon Drymalski (Drums), Jonny Capello (Bass), Bryan Murphy (Vocals, Guitar), and Josh Ripley (Guitar,Vocals) ripped into action and let the crowd know that The Missing Letters were there to entertain. With each song, the crowded Xcel Energy Center responded louder and louder, with the last song pulling the arena to their feet.

After a quick break backstage, the refreshed band was escorted out to the arena common area to meet with awaiting fans, grab photos, and sign autographs. The fans and the band seized the moment with huge smiles and strong accolades about the nights earlier performance. One young fan, after getting his autographs, looked over at Drymalski with a big smile and thumbs up saying, “You the man Shannon!”.

If you missed seeing them in front of thousands, or if you would like to see them again in a more intimate setting at the Varsity Theatre on Friday 5/5 at 7 PM. Tickets are available HERE

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