The Metty Awards Show The Strength of Local Minnesota Metal Artists


It’s a wrap! The pile of votes came in … they were counted and the first crop of The Metty winners have been crowned. The 1st Annual Metty Awards proved to be a HUGE success Friday night and I can’t wait until the event next year. The driving force behind The Metty’s was Bill Jelberg (master of who created the award concept for acknowledging local metal bands and artists for their dedication and talent in the local music scene. When announced, there was an immediate uproar of negative feedback through social media. However, Bill stood behind his concept and truly drove it home.

The Amsterdam in St Paul was the perfect venue for the celebration. As the audience filed in and hit the liquid refreshments, the red carpet was rolled out for the artists to make their entrance. The background music of Classic Metal like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Dio certainly added to the metal nostalgia. One by one the band’s filed in, taking a brief moment for the line of eager paparazzi-style photo opportunities.

With a near capacity crowd on hand, The Metty’s kicked off into full gear. Host emcee, Greg Chilton (popularly know as the host of the iconic Ritual Madness Podcast) set the tone with a great opening monologue and introduction of Bill Jelberg. Langen Goldstien (Girl at the Rock Shows and writer for Twin Cities Media) started off the awards, presenting the award for Show of the Year. Additional guest presenters local to the music scene took center stages as well, presenting award after award. Unlike gala award shows, this night was all about local metal that was full of leather, lace, sunglasses, and just badass, down to the core metal music. The evening remained lively and witty and Greg did an excellent job keeping the momentum going. One thing was very clear, the presence of the local metal scene is definitely strong and the talent from Minnesota artists is extremely high.

The night was not without live music. The award show was nicely divided up with perfectly organized musical performances from 32 Headshots, Falling To Wake, and The Culture Of.

Here is a list of this years award recipients are:

Show of the Year
Rock the Boat

Best Album Artwork

Best Album Production
Buried Above Ground

Keyboardist of the Year
Liz Ziegler

Bassist of the Year
Adam Sullivan

Drummer of the Year
Matt Grozdanich

Guitarist of the Year
Dustin Korth

Vocalist of the Year
Lee Mintz

Music Video of the Year
Buried Above Ground “The Evil One”

Song of the Year
Royal’z “I Am > Ghost”

Live Performance of the Year
Blue Felix

EP of the Year
Buried Above Ground “Birth”

Album of the Year
Roads of Glass “Deadking”

Dip Deep Award
Luke Moran

Fans Choice

Breakout Artist of the Year
Buried Above Ground

Band of the Year
By The Thousands