The Mavericks Bring 30 Years Of Parties To The State, Oct 11


The Mavericks bring their irrepressible mix of Tex-Mex Rockabilly to the State Theater.  Tickets and details can be found HERE.

It’s been 30 years since The Mavericks jumped from Miami and steeped their Latino roots in the Nashville mixing pot.  What emerged is an utterly original sound that covers the waterfront.  The band has charted in just about every genre imaginable across the globe. During the particularly prolific twelve year span beginning in 1991, the band cut 6 studio albums; hitting Billboard’s Country charts no less than 14 times.

But to simply relegate The Mav’s to just a country band misses the point.  They are a band, first and foremost.  They go where their muse moves them.  And where they go always works.  R&B, early classic rock and roll, Latin rhythms, it’s all there.  Their song Dance The Night Away spent 18 weeks on the UK charts.  Here Comes The Rain garnered a Grammy in 1996.

After a hiatus in the first decade of the new century, which saw frontman Raul Malo cut six solo records, the band reformed in 2012 and has been touring regularly ever since.  The Americana Music Awards named them Group Of The Year in 2015 in recognition of their performance prowess and potpourri of roots influences.  

Only the best performing bands take the risk of putting out a live album.  The Mavericks have done it three times.  It’s Now! It’s Live! was certified Gold in Canada.

Few bands can compare to their level of success and popularity in the US, Canada and Europe.  Particularly, when their sound is so diverse.  It is testament to just how entertaining The Mavericks are when they hit the stage.  Thirty years on and stronger than ever, this one promises to be a party.

Noisey magazine sums it up best:

“It’s the kind of music that makes you want to get off your ass and celebrate life while you still can!”