The Magnolias at First Avenue 7th Street Entry

John Freeman of The Magnolias @ First Avenue 7th Street Entry

March 27th, 2015 — I often feel a looming generation gap when it comes to music. Being a high school senior in the 80’s, it was such a cool time for various types of music. Seeing The Magnolias back in the late 80’s was a very memorable experience. Always billed as the junior band to the Replacements, Soul Asylum and other artists on the fabled local Twin/Tone label, The Magnolias are now one of the more senior bands still kicking around the Twin Cities music scene.

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The Magnolias packed the house at the First Avenue 7th Street Entry. What an ideal place to see them perform live, especially for their 30th Anniversary Show. With his full head of spiky hair, rail-thin frame and unflagging enthusiasm for playing music, singer John Freeman looks as if he has not aged 30 days in the 30 years since his pop/punk band The Magnolias embarked on the music journey. The performance was smoking and best described as loud, dirty, spazzy, squawky and loaded with sharp pop hooks, remarkably like the Magnolias of 1987. What an incredible show!