The Last Howl: Coyote Kid’s Swan Song Will Be At The Amsterdam On 4.22


Coyote Kid will be at the Amsterdam on April 22nd for their last live performance indefinitely 🙁 

This writer is very sad.

As a huge fan myself, I have to usher you to buy tickets HERE because Coyote Kid is, or was, in my opinion – the best local act in MN as of 2020; Things have changed, and many have gotten “Corona’d” including a lot of local bands. Coyote Kid survived the purge, but has sumitted itself into the fold as of 2022 with the band basically agreeing “this was great, but it’s time to be done.” Coyote Kid still hit the new media lane during Covid (see below) but the train is making its final step this month. Known for their dark yet charming, metal yet western cinematic vibes – these guys and gal are truly impeccable. 

Joining Coyote Kid will be Careful Gaze and Good Morning Bedlam; two fellow local acts. Careful Gaze is a MPLS based heavy rock band (yes, the screamy kind that gives you amazing goosebumps) and I actually saw them with Coyote back in 2020; they’re an absolute blast. Good Morning Bedlam is a bit new to me, so I have more to learn about them but – they’re a happy-go-lucky midwestern folk band that are ready to shake the stage with the instruments any music fan should know and live (Fiddle me please!). 

All in all, this should be a great show! Don’t miss out.