The Ladies Showed Out for Urban Cultural Mondays


Urban Cultural Mondays is a new movement starting in the Twin Cities every Monday night. “Every Monday night we practice the art of giving back to artist, the community’s outlet for expression. The Place where all forms of art are appreciated.” Pretty cool right? If that doesn’t sound cool enough they are also donating 10% of the profits to a local nonprofit. This week Hopewell Music was the spotlight nonprofit.

There was nothing but good vibes circulating The Red Sea on Monday night. I couldn’t help but smile seeing a room full of fellow artists, musicians, music fans and community leaders in one room. In the back of the room repping the vendors were Kiwi Pies and local artist Riley. People waited for the open mic portion to start but not before Host Tadow, dancer Christopher Moody and DJ “AK” Arvesta Kelly got the crowd hyped.

Shortly after, the open mic portion of the night began. Four local artists took the stage, JDC Kid, Trilla Six, King Tino and Abriana Savage. Each artist was allotted enough time for 1-2 songs. They all made the most of their time in the limelight and gave it their all. Each had their own vibe and sound and the crowd loved it. 

After the open mic portion, the ladies took the stage. First up was Aphrodite it. Her smooth voice, deep lyrics and edgy vibe was captivating. Some of her songs touched on her personal life struggles and her vocals were hypnotising. Not only could she sing but her stage presence was something to be impressed by.

Shay Marie was up next. Her strong vocals made heads turn. Her physique and strength on stage was so powerful. Not mention her vocal range was incredible. She touched on relationships, self worth and life through instrumental hip-hop type beats and powerful R&B styled vocals.

Last but not least, LVNDSCVAPES finished the night with a STRONG and powerful set. She commented on society and opened her set paying respect to a friend that recently passed from a fentanyl laced drug overdose. To say the least, she was raw and honest. That is something I can truly respect for any artist to get on stage and say it how it is. Her energy filled the room.

Overall, everyone at The Red Sea Monday night had a great time discovering new music, new artists and supporting the community. I can’t wait to see how this event grows and influences the Twin Cities community.

Are you a local artist and would like to inquire about a booth to showcase your art? Or maybe you’d like to be a featured musician, poet or dancer? Email 

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