The Japanese House Chill With Fans At The Fine Line


Her debut full length album “Good at Falling” may only be a couple of months old but British singer / producer / multi instrumentalist Amber Bain performing as The Japanese House has an impressive track record. “Maybe You’re the Reason” has been getting solid radio play and the packed Fine Line reflected her appeal.

Starting the night was Art School Girlfriend, Polly Mackey who also falls into the Brit/solo/producer/multi-instrument category. I was impressed how quickly her quiet start calmed down the chatty crowd. The Fine Line often suffers from fans of the headliner in the front talking through the opener’s set, but Art School Girlfriend pulled everyone’s attention to the fairly dark stage. I enjoyed her set, her smooth voice building on complex synths and playful guitar.

The Japanese House tours as a four-piece band and took the stage to an interesting intro. The crowd was more than ready and packed tight in front of the stage. I opted not to push my way in for photos – the bands’ vibe did not call for 6’2 of Austrian assertiveness :). Lights were fairly dark for most of the set with a few brief flashes.

Much like the opener I felt the influence of Imogen Heap – and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are shows that rock the house (like Foals the night before) and there are shows that weave a complex web to capture the audience and immerse them. The Japanese House definitely falls in the latter type. Fans already knew to sing along to the new single  “We Talk All The Time”. Overall a very chill, beautiful show.

Set List (not confirmed): Face Like Thunder \ Cool Blue \ We Talk All the Time \ Somebody You Found \ Lilo \ Follow My Girl \ Still \ Sister / Everybody Hates Me \ Saw You in a Dream \ Faraway \ You Seemed So Happy \ went to meet her (intro) \ Maybe You’re the Reason \ Leon \ Worms \ Clean