The Gotbeds make the crowd grin at the Entry


Sunday night’s show at the Entry was about small bands playing their hearts out no matter how large the audience. Pittsburg punk band The Gotobeds took their new album “Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic” on tour.

The first opener were Minneapolis’ Wowsville a band formed by former members of the Prissy Clerks Emily Lazear, Dylan Ritchie, and Cole Benson. Their sound was simple, straightforward and fun. They closed their set by walking of stage one by one after setting down their instruments.
Set List: Silent Earthquake / Non Violence / Better / Let U Down / Internalized / Go Easy / Agenda Loop

New Rocket Union is a duo made up of Bruce (Drums) and John (Guitar). The minimalist setup translates into their sound. It’s fast, no bullshit rock and punk. Their set ended with a cover of Blondie’s “Telephone” that I liked quite a bit.
Set List: Crazy / C’mon / Hey / Dynamite / 78 / Do you wanna Know / Get Down / Be my Girl / Don’t Lie / Trouble / Nitte / Off my Feet / Telephone

The Gotobeds’ set to me became everything small club gigs are about. There was not a big crowd at the Entry, another 100 people or so would have been great. But that did not impact their performance in the least bit.
There are punk bands who are pissed at the world, punk bands that cover their own angst with snarls and then there are bands that have the punk attitude but also a ton of fun. The Gotobeds fall into the last category. From their set list (that had me laughing) to their stage antics shots, chugged and crushed beer cans, hiding behind curtains and in the back of the stage to their take no prisoner approach to playing this was a FUN set. I had started the show in a prissy mood (one of my cameras’ shutter was busted and of course it was the one with the better low light performance) but a couple of songs into their set The Gotobeds energy had me grinning with the rest of the crowd. Thanks guys! Great show! Keep rocking! Oh, and those dim red lights? That’s for  long haired singer/songwriters with acoustic guitars………….