The Funeral Portrait Keeps the Temperature High at The Garage


The temp outside was definitely above the norm for an early June in Minneapolis. Saturday evening, I decided to head to The Garage in Burnsville to catch The Funeral Portrait perform live in an early evening set. When I arrived, the line outside waiting to get in was a clear indication that the warm summer-like evening would not be getting any less intense. In talking to a few fans in line, there a was consistent theme of anticipation to see The Funeral Portrait. With this show being an ‘all ages’ show, the crowd was definitely younger in age with some attending with older siblings and parents.

The buzz continued inside, with many hovering around the merchandise tables and picking up their favorite band shirts. As the fill music dropped and the video screen rose, the crowd moved closer to the stage. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect with The Funeral Portrait as I haven’t listened to any bands similar to them in quite a while, but whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t this. As a whole, their set was remarkably strong and highly energetic.

The bands set combined a great mix of new tracks off their latest album ‘A Moment of Silence’ along with fan favorites from earlier releases. The Funeral Portrait definitely delivered. Both the clean and rough vocals throughout the entire set, while completely different from one another, manage to mesh very well, which was a pleasant surprise. Trying to compare their sound with another band would not do them justice – they definitely have their own unique sound, and that’s what makes them a stand-out. Judging from the crowds reaction, their sound and stage presence completely nailed it! If The Funeral Portrait were trying to get my attention, they’ve got it.