The Floozies Put The Fun In Funk At First Ave Saturday Night


The Floozies brought their Funk Jesus tour to a sold out First Avenue Mainroom Saturday night and just tore the house down. They are out in support of their upcoming release which sports the same name as the tour, Funk Jesus.

On the road supporting The Floozies, currently calling Denver home, was Late Night Radio. Late Night Radio is producer Alex Medellin. This set was super high energy, but with a hip hop vibe. The crowd was immediately engaged. The old school samples used were expertly mixed to create soaring crescendo’s, as well as bass lines that could rattle fillings out of your mouth.

Also on the road supporting The Floozies this evening were the DJ/producer/multi-instrumentalists Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux, also known as Boombox. These guys laid down track after track of a very cool blend of rock, psychedelic sounds with some blues thrown in for good measure. Russ Randolph is an awesome guitarist, generating lofty, ascending leads that had the crowd’s heads spinning.

The Floozies, brothers Matt and Mark Hill from Lawrence, Kansas, took the stage around 11:30. With Mark stage right on the drum kit and Matt stage left on guitar, the brothers wasted no time getting the crowd moving. Their funk-tronica sound, kind of a mix of Lettuce and Grizmatic, created a bold sonic force from the Mainroom stage. The brothers have amazing chemistry, vibing off of each other, keeping eye contact when not enraptured by the music. Matt shreds the guitar, and effortlessly switches to keyboards. The live drums hit you right in the chest. The crowd, many dressed in costumes and muti colored garb, moved like one giant organism. The steady beat and psychedelic light show created a rave like atmosphere.

With their give it all we got funk-tronic jamfest, the The Floozies had the Main Room bouncing, living up to its name as the Downtown Danceteria.