The Flaming Lips @ First Avenue 2/24/2015


Any thoughts of this being “yet another concert” vanished within seconds of Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne coming on stage. He announced that there would be a few minutes delay as he had been hydrating backstage and now needed to be have his reflective duct tape suit cut in strategic places so he could relief him self or risk an accident on stage. Freshly drained and re-taped he and the rest of the Flaming Lips kicked off the set in spectacular fashion a few minutes later.

The evening was dedicated to their album “The clouds taste metallic” and would be filmed for a project. Since many the songs would be performed for the first time in years, Wayne announced that if they did not like a take, the band would just have to re-play the songs and hoped the fans would not mind. Judging by heir reaction, they certainly did not. A Flaming Lips show impacts all your senses and should be on every music fan’s bucket list. Even if you are not into psychedelic rock the joy and enthusiasm both the band and the fans exude makes this a special experience.


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Flaming Lips-25