The Dø at 7th Street Entry – 6/1/2015


One thing you have to admire about French/Danish duo The Dø is that they do not let the size of their audience impact their show. In Europe, they sell out larger venues and play festivals in the upper tier of artists. Here they attract a good sized audience for a Monday night at the 7th street entry, and are still giving it their best. Singer Olivia Merilahti told the audience: “It’s good to be back, and I am happy you brought more of your friends.”

The Dø started their set with the haunting “Omen” and went up tempo from there. Merilahti’s was clad in a reflective cape that stayed on until the encore. Combined with here dance moves it made for some capturing visuals. The band had some dedicated fans in the audience singing back and dancing to the more lively songs. Overall, it was a great experience seeing an accomplished act in such an intimate venue.

The Dø’s current Album “Shake, Shook, Shaken” is now out and available on their web site

A Mess Like This
Keep Your Lips Sealed
Miracles (Back in Time)
Opposite Ways
Trustful Hands
Anita No!
Too Insistent
On My Shoulders
Slippery Slope
Going Through Walls
Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy
Dust It Off

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