The Dandy Warhols Show 25 Is Not To Old To Be Cool At First Avenue


Well, there’s yet another band celebrating 25 years, and while others may be resting on their laurels and play older albums, The Dandy Warhols certainly are not with a recently release album “Why You So Crazy”. To me the show was also special as they one of the first band I got to photograph almost five years ago. So for the past few days “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth” has been popping up in my brain. FYI Heroin is still passé kids! Don’t do drugs, stay in school, and don’t get over excited about rappers that start with Lil’

DJ Jake Rudh started the evening in the Mainroom. Whenever I see one of his sets, one question is on my mind – what song that I have forgotten about will he dig up. Unfortunately I was also filling in for one of our other photographers next door at the entry, so I missed most of his set.

First on stage was Cosmonauts – according to their bio “Cosmonauts came into being in 2009 in outer space or Orange County”. Their set was a foreshadow of things to come – perfect for an opening band. The sound was heavy guitars with vocals at time giving a bit of a psychedelic vibe. They call their distorted, amped sound “drug punk” and yeah, if there’s and edgy drug den around, Cosmonauts would be a great house band 🙂

The Dandy Warhols took to a fairly dark stage and took a few moments to set up. A voice rang out from the crowd: “Take your time!!” – Minnesota Nice or eager and sarcastic? We’ll probably never know…..

The set started dark with a track from their new album “Why You So Crazy” “Forever”. The Dandy Warhols submerged First Avenue into their sound. It was one of those shows where fans could get lost in the sound and the experience. But every once in a while, their playful side would come out. “Highlife” almost had a country twang to it that had some of the long time First Ave stuff smiling and shaking their heads. A couple of songs later “I Love You” had a super dark, haunting feel to it.

Of course, every birthday party has to have balloons and they packed a whole bunch of them into the ceiling for a fun balloon drop as their set neared the end. I for one, had a great time and was impressed by how the Dandy Warhols seamlessly switched styles and sound on stage while staying true to what they are: “the coolest band on earth”

Set List: Forever \ Holding Me Up \ STYGGO \ We Used to be Friends \ Crack Cocaine Rager \ Motor City Steel \ Minnesoter \ Get Off \ Highlife \ Plan A \ The Last High \ Well They’re Gone \ I Love You \ Be Alright \ Mohammed \ Godless \ Bohemian Like You \ Every Day Should Be a Holiday \ Pete International Airport \ Boys Better