The BoDeans Liven Up The Holidays At The Dakota Jazz Club


“I know it’s a Jazz Club, but we are a rock band, so get ready!” That was how BoDeans frontman Kurt Neumann greeted the crowd a last night’s late show at the Dakota Jazz Club. The BoDeans are in town for 4 shows, last night and Sunday – there are still a few tickets left for tonight’s show.HERE

The turnaround from the 7 PM show was impressive. Doors opened just a couple of minutes after 9 and within a few minutes everyone was seated, had drinks and the show got started.

Hailing from Wisconsin, the BoDeans have been regular visitors since their start in 1983. Last night’s set spanned much of their 30+ years as a band and many of the musical styles that influenced their history. They are a rock band at heart but Tejano and some Cajun vibes came forward in some songs. Some areas of the Dakota had more lively fans standing up, dancing and having a great time. But despite most fans seated at tables, this was no sedate affair. The crowd was singing along and had a great time.

In the spirit of Christmas there was of course a story involving Santa – I won’t give it away but it ended with Neumann hitting his head on a bunk bed. That lead to a bluesy cover of “Santa Claus is coming to town”

All said I had fun, I always enjoy the BoDeans and their no BS approach to rock and last night was no exception.

Set List: Dreams / Naked / Texas / Beaujolais / Idaho / Angels / Santa Claus / Still / Fadeaway / Good Things / Drift Away / Good Work / Closer