The Blue Stones and JJ Wilde will be at the Turf Club on 2/6


The Blue Stones—comprised of Tarek Jafar (guitar/vocals) and Justin Tessier (drums/vocals)—will be at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota on February 6th as part of their HIDDEN GEMS TOUR. The pair can best be described as a Canadian alternative-rock duo based in Windsor, Ontario. Their debut album Black Holes was released in 2018 and was largely about finding themselves, not only as artists but as people. Recently, the pair has caught the attention of producer Paul Meany (who has worked with icons like Mutemath and Twenty One Pilots) and together they have produced a second album set to be released later this year on Entertainment One. “Shakin’ Off the Rust” is the title of the latest single from The Blue Stones’ much-anticipated album and can only be described as electric. Its feel-good, upbeat energy and rock n’ roll vibe leave me very excited for the entire album and, of course, the show!

Accompanying The Blue Stones at the Turf Club will be none other than JJ Wilde, alt-rock queen and performer extraordinaire who is also from our neighboring land of the Great White North. 

The Blue Stones and JJ Wilde are sure to bring awesome energy to St. Paul. If you haven’t yet solidified plans for February 6th, don’t fret because tickets are still available HERE.