The Band CAMINO Takes To The Fillmore On 3/26!


The Band “The Band CAMINO” (say that 5 times fast) will be at the Fillmore (MPLS) on March 26th! Don’t miss out on this wild Saturday night as they will be joined by special guests Flor and Hastings. Tickets are available HERE

Joining the main act will be a two-made pack known as “Flor” and “Hastings.” Flor (stylized “flor”) is a band based out of a city 62 miles east of Portland – Hood River; known for their collective hits and most recent album ley lines and EP reimagined that dropped in 2020. Alongside flor,  we have the up-and-coming act – Hastings. We will have a lot to learn about them as they seem to keep it brief online but have a wonderful list of hits to play.

The Band CAMINO is an American rock band that has been banging the drums and strumming strums since 2015. Based out of Memphis, Tennessee – a musical hotspot – the crew has made wave after wave with their hits, with the most recent album being Tryhard in 2019. The now three-man group consists of catchy melodies and upbeat energy all around. 

We can’t wait for this wild indie-band night! 

Are we Ready Even? No way!