The Band CAMINO Absolutely Rocked It At The Fillmore


Last night at The Fillmore in downtown Minneapolis; The Band CAMINO took flight as the main act and gained a new favorite fan (this guy). This show had much more in store for us though, as they were joined alongside by Flor and Hastings, and I was yet again wowed by another group of solid musicians. 

Young, gaining fame rapidly, and full of an intensity that I absolutely loved – starting out we had an artist known as Hastings. An indie-pop meets pop-punk sound on most of Chapstick (2021) and this performance did not disappoint and the crowd was stunned. His lyrics are what sold me the most – as most of the hits played contained really heart-striking, nostalgic memories of love and past romance; Speaking of romance – did I mention my Ex was like 10 feet away from me? She was with someone – I was watching two shows now. 

Hastings left the stage and we soon were now watching Flor. The damn-near-Portland, Oregon (Hood River, by the way – for those wanting accuracy) band was quite an act; and they appreciated us as much as we appreciated them – at one point saying our audience was far more exciting than Chicago’s; We might not beat them in any professional sports (Besides the Loons, I digress) – but – at least our fans are cooler, right guys? #MinnesotaNice lives on, it seems. Known for their “dream”/indie-pop sound, this group formed back in 2014 and has been jamming ever since – with some big hits being “slow-motion” and second studio album ley lines (2019). For me, this group was like M83 meets Dreamers (bands). They left the stage and gave way to the final act. 

The Band CAMINO came into my life a few years ago, courtesy of a former girlfriend. As soon as I saw the group come out, they seemed so happy to be together, but they had a mission and were ready to impress. For first impressions beyond what we saw on stage – fun fact: “camino” translates to the “way” or the “path” and that is a tipping of the hat to the band’s mission of bringing the idea of a true, classic band concept back. 

An upbeat indie band CAMINO has been rocking since 2015, and has come a long way since their humble days back in Tennessee. The jams kept the spirits and literal temperature of the place alive (sweat off like 3 pounds I swear). I got into this group around the time that their album Tryhard was released (2019) and have followed the gang ever since. If you haven’t checked them out yet, hop on Spotify/Apple music and some big hitters would be either “See Through,” “Crying Over You,” or their most recent single featuring NOTD titled “Never A Good Time.” 

The walls were dripping with sweat as the place was packed like a solid wholesale unit of sardines stacked together; was this venue sold out? If not it was damn close; I’ve never seen it so full. Outside of the music, this was yet another moment where COVID appeared to be “over” (it’s NOT people); But, even while it wasn’t just that – it was a reminder that at least things like music and the entertainment industry as a whole are making their way back into our lives. 

As the final beat was drummed and the last string was strung by the band, the Fillmore was overfilling out the doors as people waved their hands and danced in absolute awe. The Band CAMINO might be considered an indie or  “electro-pop” band – but regardless of genre, they’re absolutely legends. There’s much left in store for this group as they continue on their tour, and they’ll be at Hangout Fest in May – might have to book another ticket 🙂